Water Sport Ride

Are you planning for a fun day with your family and friends?

Book Banana Ride, Donut Ride, Fly Fish Ride and Jet Ski water sport ride activities.

Water Sport Activities

Water sport ride with BOOK BOAT is really an ideal for a group looking for fun activities, adrenalin pumped experience, you can include as so many water sports activities as you like.

We supply all equipment including life jackets, and no hidden extras. All you need bring is swimwear and towels.

Flyfish water sport ride will make you fly over the sea and have fun.

Donut water sport ride is a fun-filled activity which visitors can enjoy during their family vacation in Abu Dhabi. It is like a banana boat, although it stands out for its unique and brightly colour donut shape. Moreover, contrary to a banana boat, it offers an enthusiastic sense of security with very less chance of falling out into the water.

Banana water sport ride in Abu Dhabi is fun for the whole family, and if you want, we can slow down and turn less. This will let you enjoy tour without challenge.

Jet ski water sport ride is an accessible water sport and is easy to get into. There are so many things that make jet skiing so impressive, but it is one of the fastest and most adrenaline-fueled water sports, which makes it so attractive.

Water Sport ride Speed Boat

Water Sport Ride Boat